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More and more organizations are moving to Enterprise cloud services. And it is speculated the by the year 2020, all the businesses will be in the cloud. The reason is quite simple – accessibility, and reduced cost.

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With a full-fledged team of engineers and developers experienced in cloud application development, SAT benefits growing and large enterprises to relish the benefits of enterprise cloud computing services. Building and running applications on the cloud are expensive and cumbersome and request for the same is growing extremely. SAT’s enterprise cloud computing services are focused to ensure the premium quality and cost-effective applications.
At SATech Digital, we give the edge that you need. We are an expert in the cloud technologies and have unparalleled capabilities. Our Cloud services are highly flexible, scalable and inexpensive.

Why SATech Digital for your Enterprise Cloud
Consulting Services?

Our cloud consultants guarantee you to deliver effective cloud services. We have experience in several development platforms such as Amazon, VMware Cloud Foundry, Google apps Engine, Microsoft Azure, Appcara, AppFog, Engine Yard, Standing Cloud, and Mendix. Our cloud advisory experts will evaluate and recommend the exceptional enterprise cloud consulting services set and build a framework for cloud applications. Our cloud experts create advanced and artistic cloud solutions that are easy to assess and handle and also migrate cloud equipped applications.

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Our Enterprise Cloud Consulting Services include: –

Migration to Cloud

Our team assesses your applications for Cloud readiness. And then, they architect the cloud infrastructure suitable for your enterprise.
We will also do the evaluation of various cloud service providers on many parameters, like cost, feasibility, etc., and then recommend the best. Our team of cloud experts will take care of the migration process with minimum downtime.

Cloud Security & Backup

Cloud Security– We only take onboard certified professionals who know the in-and-out of the cloud security. We factor in all the measures while migrating your systems to the cloud.
Cloud Backup- gives you an innovative way to utilize your data, which is also cost-effective. It provides protection for your data irrespective of where it resides.

Office 365

With Office 365 you can collaborate on office documents in real-time, and get started working on any previous file, sync, and share in the cloud and securely store, sync and share work files from any device or platform.


Azure gives you scalable solution with zero investments on the hardware. Azure services can be accessed on demand and you only need to pay for what you use. You also get location independence with the physical security of your data.


We are Trusted by Leading Brands

Many Popular Brands & Sectors entrust their company image in us! The web and mobile application we developed have received media attention and recognition worldwide. Some of these apps have become case studies in their industries.


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