Time and Material (T&M) Model

Pay according to the actual man-hours used in developing the software and exact cost expensed in it. The project works, and efforts are evaluated by the execution time and resources deployed. If you are looking to invest in the uniform and continuous development of quality software, then this can be the perfect model for you. It is best if your project is huge, complicated and demands multiple iterations.

On-Demand Developers Model

Under this model, you can hire skilled resources for your development purpose and keep the task and project management in-house. You are free to choose the resources and complete development process with knowledge retention. You simply have to pay a fixed monthly fee for each resource you use. Thus, you will have full control over the resources and can easily change the priorities and tasks when required.

Build your Own Workspace Model

With this model, you can avail the advantage of SA Tech Digital to set up your subsidiary for a time period. We help you in creating a dedicated offshore development center, which will become an extension of your business operations where you get all the benefits of outsourcing with the added prospect of maintaining total control. Moreover, you also get the support of innovative and cost-effective solutions for your expansion plans.

Fixed Scope, Time, and Cost Model

Waterfall Development Model is best when the project’s requirements are static & would not vary over the period of time during the software development lifecycle. This model needs full specifications before the work on a project starts. You need to know precisely what you want from your project and define those specifics in written format. The development approach divides the overall project into subsequent phases where the stress is put on the planning, time schedules, target dates, budgets and implementation of an entire system at one time.


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